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Choosing a hearing aid can be difficult. With countless brands, models, fits and options, who knows where to start? You are in expert hands with our 4 step process:

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After your payment of a $250 refundable deposit, we invite you to one of the many Northside Audiology clinics for your fitting. An Audiologist will fit and tune your device(s). The balance of the payment is made at the completion of the appointment, all major credit cards accepted. We provide a 60 day trial period, and all manufacturer warranties apply.
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4. Support

We support your hearing aid through Telehealth remote support for the life of your device.

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You name it, we’ve tested it. You will notice we only stock the best premium hearing aid devices and brands such as; Phonak, Oticon, ReSound, Signia and Widex. This enables us to guarantee the quality of your bluetooth and rechargeable hearing device ensuring that our prices are the lowest you will find. Our expert team will remotely tune and update your hearing aid through your smart phone.

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Why devices need to be expertly tuned to your needs:

Hearing aids need to be personally fitted to identify any medical issues that may exist. These include identifying the presence of pathologies of the outer or middle ear, or even detecting acoustic neuroma which could be the cause of a hearing loss or tinnitus. These can often be treated medically and should be investigated prior to fitting a hearing aid. Other issues that may arise without expert tuning and setting of hearing aids include the selection of inappropriate devices, poor physical fit, dangerously high level of volumes and incorrect selection of ear pieces. These issues may lead to temporary or permanent hearing threshold damage.(Convery et al, Trends Amplif. 2011 Dec; 15(4): 157–166)