Hearing Loss FAQ's

We are an online provider, this reduces our expenses, which we pass on to you.
If you have a voucher under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program, we offer a wide range of government-subsidised hearing devices available free to you. If you choose a top-up hearing device with a higher level of technology and features, there will be an additional charge.
Modern hearing aids provide significant benefit. To get the best result it’s important to match the device type to your needs, our expert staff will guide you in this process.
Do not be concerned about becoming dependant on hearing aids, in fact research suggests that the more you use a well fitted hearing aid, the slower will be your hearing loss progression.
This varies from person to person. There will always be an immediate benefit, but full acclimatisation could take a few weeks.
We will require one appointment at our state of the art facility, where we fit the device to you, and teach you everything you need to know. Then all tuning of the device is performed using your phone and the internet.

You can sign up to for an affordable aftercare package, which covers visits and batteries.

Eligible pensioners and veterans can enjoy the standard inclusions including batteries and repairs and consumables available using the ‘Office of Hearing Services’ battery and maintenance program.

We offer a 60 day money-back guarantee, less a small fitting fee.

We accept Mastercard, Visa and Amex and bank transfers. Payment can be made online or at the fitting.

No, not if properly fitted by a qualified hearing professional. 

A properly fitted hearing aid modulates the sound levels to provide appropriate levels of sound for hearing but not too much to cause damage to your ears.

All of our clients are taught how to maintain and trouble shoot their hearing aids.

We are available during office hours via phone or email to answer any questions and trouble shoot any problems

The amount of benefit does depend on how well you have been fitted.


It is wise to insure your hearing aids under your home and contents insurance.  This will give you peace of mind for these valuable items are so important for your quality of life.

Typically between three to five business days.

You don’t require a referral for the hearing aid fitting.

We work closely with Ear, Nose and Throat specialists  so if a problem is identified during your fitting we can easily and quickly arrange an appointment with an ear specialist.
Modern hearing aids are very small and take very little space behind the ear. Wearing a hearing aid and glasses is seldom an issue.

We source our hearing aids from the same Australian manufacturers used by our higher priced competition. The hearing aids are identical but the mark up is not.  We pass the savings on to you.

Most private health insurers have some provision for hearing aids in the extras cover. You would be well advised to check with your fund the amount of benefit provided.
We offer a manufacturers warranty which is currently three years on all devices. We will however provide ongoing support for a further two years after this period.
A client needs to look for reputable brands fitted by hearing professionals.  We are an Australian owned Sydney based business that prides itself on honest, clear service and communication.

Yes, we offer a full refund less $250 consultation and processing fee.

Need some help selecting the best solution for your hearing condition?