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Hearing in our environment is an essential part of understanding and participating in daily life. Sound allows us to be aware of our surroundings and is crucial to our communication. Modern hearing aids make it possible for people to improve the quality of their hearing and consequently, their life. Hearing You can guide you through the intricate process of selecting, fitting, calibrating and maintaining your hearing aids.

What does a hearing aid do?

Hearing aids are a technologically advanced, practical device that has the ability to mimic natural hearing and significantly reduce the frustrating impact of hearing loss. People who suffer from hearing loss, approximately 2.8 million Australians, could benefit greatly from using hearing aids in multiple settings.

Modern hearing aids are comfortable, adaptable, effective and affordable, often allowing people with hearing loss to enjoy a more natural auditory experience. Their endless benefits include improving communication, reducing distress and anxiety, and increasing independence.

hearing aids sydney
bluetooth hearing aids Sydney

How do hearing aids work?

A hearing aid consists of four basic components that work together to improve your hearing; the microphone, processing chip, amplifier & speaker. Once sound is detected by the microphone, it is converted into an electrical signal. The processing chip, cleans and smooths the signal and feeds it to the amplifier. The amplifier can increase the volume of the signal accordingly. Next, a receiver in the device transforms the signal back into sound. Finally, hair cells within the inner ear detect the sound vibrations, converting them into nerve signals which can be interpreted by the brain.

The function of a hearing aid extends beyond simply increasing volume. Advancements in hearing aid technology now allow the devices to determine the correct volume and adapt to changes in frequency and environment. This means that the experience of wearing hearing aids is dramatically improved and devices can be selected and fitted to reflect individual differences in hearing loss.

What to expect from wearing hearing aids?

Modern hearing aids are incredibly natural in sound, whilst everything initially may seem louder, speech signals are typically far clearer than previously. The benefit provided is almost instant.

Hearing aids may register frequencies that your brain has not received in quite some time. Due to lack of exposure, interpretation of these sounds may be forgotten by the brain. When you begin to wear hearing aids and resume hearing unfamiliar sounds, it can take some time to get used to. It is important to retrain your brain to recognise these sounds and you need to persevere with the devices during the adjustment period. Guidance during this time is essential which is why HearingYou offer their customers ongoing support for the life of their device.

Hearing aids can ensure that the brain does not completely forget certain frequencies or sounds. This process of training the brain is another important reason why hearing aids are beneficial during the early stage of hearing loss.

rechargeable hearing aids Sydney

What types of hearing aids are available at Hearing You?

Hearing You only stock a range of premium hearing aid brands, so they can guarantee affordability and quality. Their chosen brands include Phonak, ReSound, Oticon, Signia and Widex hearing aids. The directors of Hearing You are all actively and professionally involved in the Australian hearing industry. Their expertise and experience is reflected in the products and services provided by Hearing You.

What are the best hearing aids to use?

There are a diverse range of hearing aids available on the market, each with specific differences and benefits. At HearingYou, our unique process ensures you achieve the best hearing improvement outcomes for your individual needs. With thorough assessment, customised selection, careful calibration and ongoing support, you can trust that you will receive a device that will enhance your hearing and improve your quality of life. To learn which hearing aids will best suit you, speak with one of our consultants.

How can I access hearing aids?

Hearing You offer hearing assessment, assistance with hearing aid selection, device calibration and ongoing support. Their comprehensive services, premium products and affordable solutions are why they are a chosen provider for customers across Sydney. You can access their services by calling (02) 9066 0264booking an appointment online at our Chatswood hearing clinic or completing our online questionnaire. A lengthy trial period is applied with every device purchased to ensure ultimate satisfaction. 

Hearing Aids for sale in Sydney

We keep the process of buying, configuring and maintaining your hearing aid simple.

1. Assess

We will ask you to upload your audiogram or you can take our 3 minute online hearing test.

2. Select

We will make recommendations based on price ranges and we will price match any comparable Australian price.

3. Fit

Next, we invite you to our
state-of-the-art clinic for your specialised hearing aid fitting appointment.
Devices MUST be expertly tuned for your needs.

4. Tune

We support your hearing aid through telehealth for the life of your device.