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We like to keep the process of buying, configuring and maintaining your hearing aid simple. Here’s our 4 step process:

Buy a Hearing Aid Sydney

1. Assess

Assess your hearing with an audiogram (hearing test) – To recommend the best hearing aid for you, we need you to have an audiogram (hearing test). We will ask you to upload your recent audiogram or you can take our 3 minute online hearing test.
Choosing the right hearing aid in Sydney

2. Select

Choose the best hearing aid for you from our extensive selection of brands such as; PhonakOticonReSoundSignia and Widex – Pick the hearing aid you want from our unique recommendations based on your hearing loss levels, preferences and our innovative and technologically advanced selection.

If you are still unsure which device is best for you, call or book an appointment. 

Hearing You

3. Fit

Custom fit, tuning and calibration by our expert team – You only need to visit us at our office once to have your new hearing aids fitted by our experts. Your new hearing aids will be tuned, calibrated and connected to your devices.

Although we would prefer you to visit us, we do offer a full telehealth audiology option to accommodate those that require a remote solution.

How to buy the best hearing aid for you in Sydney
Best hearing aid for you in Sydney

4. Support

Ongoing support for the life of your device – We will continue to provide help and support for the life of your device. We can consult via telehealth and at your request, remotely connect to your hearing aids to tune or calibrate them, wherever you are.

Need some help selecting the best solution for your hearing condition?