Audeo Marvel M90-R

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The Audéo Marvel M90-R integrates premium performance, sound quality and cutting edge technology enabling optimal listening of speech in noise and less listening effort. This device has a rechargeable battery for ease of use.

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Hearing aid description

The Phonak Audeo Marvel M90-R is a fully automatic, premium device delivering optimal performance in quiet and background noise even as your listening environment changes. 7 different listening modes in the automatic program and interaction between left/right hearing aids gives maximum clarity and comfort even as your listening environment changes. 20 fine-tuning channels allows for optimal customization to your audiometric profile. Bluetooth technology enables audio streaming from your devices, including phone calls, music and TV to both hearing aids.Those wanting best speech in noise processing. Suitable for iPhone and Android users.

Who is this device designed for?

Those wanting best speech in noise processing. Suitable for iphone and Android users.

Why do we recommend this device?

Rechargeable li-on battery, Full charging time - 3 hours (short 15min charge gives 3 hours of use), Bluetooth streaming direct to both Apple and Android phones, streaming from TV via TV Connector, MyPhonak App for Remote Fine tuning and video call, 3 year warranty (4th year extended)

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Audeo Marvel M90-R

$5,250.00 $3,790.00