Pure Charge&Go 3X

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The Pure Charge&Go 3X is the first rechargeable hearing aid with integrated acoustic-motion sensors and natural own voice technology even when the wearer is in mostion. This aid is a standard level hearing aid offering good sound quality and noise reduction from Signia (previously known as Siemens).

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Hearing aid description

The Signia Pure Charge&Go 3X is fully automatic and rechargeable, delivering good performance in quiet and background noise. Motion sensors and interaction between left/right aids allow the hearing aid to detect many more variables in every environment allowing the hearing to adapt and adjust to all situations, without assigning it to a pre-defined class. 24 fine-tuning channels (12 handles) allows for good customization to your audiometric profile. Direct audio streaming is available from iPhones, including phone calls, music and TV to both hearing aids.

Who is this device designed for?

iPhone users - for direct audio streaming.

Who is this device not ideal for?

Those with Android phones - no direct streaming available. Those who want hearing aids that are 'set and forget'.

Why do we recommend this device?

Rechargeable li-on battery. Full charging time is 3-4 hours (short 30min charge gives 6 hours of use), Bluetooth streaming direct to Apple phones. Streaming to Android phones available using StreamLine Mic accessory. Streaming audio from TV via TV Streamer accessory. Signia App for manual adjustments and access to Telecare remote fine-tuning. 3 year warranty.

Pure Charge&Go 3X

$2,750.00 $2,365.50