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The Widex Moment 220 RIC 10 is a standard level device combining clear and sharp sound quality and artificial intelligence learning what you want to hear via the Moment App. Released only in April 2020, the aid has been designed to essentially eliminate any issues caused by sound processing delays.

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Hearing aid description

The Widex Moment 220 RIC 10 is an automatic aid, delivering good performance in quiet and background noise. 4 different listening modes in the automatic program gives good clarity and comfort even as your listening environment changes. 10 fine-tuning channels allows for good customization to your audiometric profile. Direct audio streaming is available from iPhones, including phone calls, music and TV to both hearing aids.

WIDEX MOMENT™ changes the game to deliver the most pure, natural sound ever. WIDEX MOMENT™ RIC 10 is the hearing aid that’s designed to provide outstanding sound in a small, subtle and seamless design. The 220 performance level ensures great clarity, comfort and audibility in each different situation.

Who is this device designed for?

iPhone users - for direct audio streaming. App learning -Those who wish to have control over what they are hearing through their aids. Previous Widex hearing aid users who are familiar with the sound processing from Widex.

Who is this device not ideal for?

Those with Android phones - no direct streaming available. Those who want hearing aids that are 'set and forget'.

Why do we recommend this device?

Size 10 battery. Full audio streaming direct to Apple phones. Streaming to Android phones available using Com-Dex accessory. Streaming audio from TV via TV Play accessory. WIDEX MOMENT™ App with SoundSense Learn for manual adjustments. 3 year warranty. Remote fine tuning requires Remote Link neck loop.

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$2,750.00 $2,042.50